• 6 years of operation
  • More than 1500 structures supporting people with autism in Greece
  • More than 350,000 visitors
  • 300,000 new visitors in one year
  • Scientific articles for professionals dealing with autism
  • Legislation on the rights of people with autism and their families
  • Experiences / testimonies of people with autism and their families
  • Job opportunities for people with autism


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Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a chronic neurodevelopmental disorder that affects at least 1% of the population in Greece too.

The comprehensive management of the particularities / challenges which people with ASD and their families face in their daily lives and the improvement of their quality of life require an accessible network of health, education, supported employment and social care services, with specialized professionals.

Development of evidence-based services at the regional and national level is necessary to meet their changing needs throughout their life. Raising the awareness of the wider community and putting in place the appropriate legislative framework are essential for the promotion of social inclusion and to combat the mental health stigma.


An evolving online information and networking portal for autism in Greece, which identifies and listens to new and unmet needs, supports the development of new services to meet them and leverages synergies and partnerships.


To protect the human rights of autistic people and promote a society of equal opportunities , acceptance and respect.


To improve the quality of life of people with autism, promote their social inclusion, enhance their accessibility to appropriate structures and services, improve the quality of services provided, raise awareness of the wider community and combat stigma.


Structures in Greece that offer services to people with ASD

The interactive map allows you to search by type of structure and by Regional Unit.

  • Private and public health and social care structures.
  • All structures related to education (special schools,
  • Centers of Educational and Counseling Support - KEDASY)
  • Employment structures employing people with autism

Legislation on the rights of people with autism

All legislation for people with ASD and their families, is divided into 6 categories:

  1. Fundamental rights at national, European, and global levels,
  2. Health - Mental health services
  3. Education
  4. Social care
  5. Social security
  6. Labor Rights - Employment

About autism

  • Experts in the field of autism contribute articles about the daily struggles faced by people with autism and their families.
  • People with autism, their loved ones, professionals, employers, partners and many others who come into contact with Autism Spectrum Disorders in their daily lives, share their experiences with the website's audience through articles, podcasts and videos.
  • Useful material on autism initiatives by public and private bodies in Greece.

Information for professionals

  • A selection of articles published in foreign language journals on the latest developments in the field of autism.
  • Free publication of job offer and demand ads


Dr. Nikoletta Mavroeidi

 Internal Medicine, Epidemiologist, Scientific Officer 

Pantelis Parros


Dr. Giorgos Iatrou

 Mental Health Consultant, Scientific Coordinator Autismap 

Kostas Kontogiorgos


Paraskevi Chouli

 Head of Administrative Support and Organization

Georgia Papalexandrou


Natassa Spantidaki

 Economist, Communications Manager

Areti Vaklatzi


Haris Tortorelis

 Teacher, Fundraising Officer

Maria Kopitsa


Christos Sifnaios

Sociologist, Coordinator of research projects, Coordinator of the autismap team

Over the years, our efforts have been supported by both renowned autism scientists and volunteer mental health and health professionals who work with ASDs.


The website was redesigned and its content was enriched with funding for the grow4autism project from the Active Citizens Fund.

From mapping and presenting the structures, services, legislation and information, which is maintained and enhanced, we progress to identifying unmet needs and supporting the creation of new services.

We develop new programs through partnerships with institutions that are also active in similar fields, such as:

a) Promotion of oral health and hygiene for people with ASD

b) Supported employment for people with autism

The website supports the creation of a network of civil society organizations that offer services to people with autism and their families.

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